Paper creches

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Paper creches
Zábrdí u Husince, Czech Republic


At present I have the biggest display of paper creches in the Czech Republic.

On display there are more than 750 creches by Czech and foreign authors, for example from Pakistan, Greece, Germany or Italy. New creches are being installed continually. There are creches with summer and winter settings, with town and country settings, with Orient backgrounds and typical Czech backgrounds, with deserts and wild nature. The biggest one is 3.7 m high, the smallest you have to look for in a match box. The oldest original creche on display was printed in 1898, but there are reprints of much older editions to be seen.

Along with the display you will hear the history and present of making creches in Bohemia and Moravia and interesting facts about the authors. You can take a minute to read the newspaper articles and the articles in lifestyle magazines and the regional press, and get familiar with our part in radio shows.

On hand there are copies of creches for exchange. In case you have some old creche at home ? it does not matter if it is damaged or parts are missing ? and you mind throwing it away please send it to us. That is the way how the little figures of this creche can continue their journey and fulfill their aims.

Come to see the creches and through them you can learn kindness, fantasy, generosity and new beginnings. The figures from the creches and reverse paintings on glass are really good company.

Paper Creches

Reverse Painting